Eating pulses helps weight loss…

We read a great article that outlines how new research has revealed that eating pulses helps weight loss and lowers cholesterol.  Beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils make people feel fuller and vastly reduce ‘bad cholesterol’ levels, and whats great is that they are tasty and pretty inexpensive. Read here to find out more.

At Greens, we use pulses regularly to make foods like delicious salads or wholesome curry’s.  If you don’t use them, but would like to get started, why not try adding them to your next mince dish.

Next time you are frying off the mince for a Chilli Con Carne or Shepherds Pie why not add in some dried puy lentils (no need to soak first). Mike suggests adding 200g of lentils to 500g of mince.  As well as adding a delicious new flavour and texture to the meal, you will be amazed how satisfied you feel from a smaller portion size!